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What is Local Marketing University?

Local Marketing University is as the name suggests, is the MOST comprehensive wealth of Training and Resources that gives you expert guidance in EVERY important area of building your Local Marketing Agency.

Every strategy, every tool and method inside the University comes directly from our own 7-Figure Local Marketing Agency that has now grown to over 823 Clients in two years from Start-up! If you want a COMPLETE Blueprint and Business Plan, plus get access to all the knowledge, all the experience and all the PROVEN Systems that are working TODAY and get results, then this is for you.

Awesome Library of Expert Training Videos & Tutorials

No matter whether you are just getting started or you already run a busy Agency with many Clients, you'll find exactly what you need to go to the next level.

We designed the University to train all of our team members from our Sales & Marketing teams to Fulfillment and Client Management with a BIG emphasis and FOCUS on Landing Clients!

We are constantly Testing and Refining everything we do inside our Agency which you will get access to as we share the very best Strategies, Tools and Resources every Month to make sure you're right at the leading edge with What's Working Now!

Discover the Most Effective PROVEN Ways to Attract and Land New Local Clients!

Getting Clients for your Business

  • Local Agency Business Setup

    Learn exactly what you need to have setup and in place to maximize your efficiency, growth speed and profit margins. The better your plan the better your results will be.

  • Very Best Ways to Land Clients

    Without doubt the MOST Important part of Local Marketing University is the incredibly extensive training and resources to help you Find,  Attract and Land the RIGHT Clients for your Business… And Keep them paying you year after year.

    If you want more clients then look no further!

  • Uncovering the Perfect Prospects

    Success in Local Marketing starts with finding the right prospects for your business and we put a lot of time and energy into showing you the simple but deadly effective ways we target the perfect prospects.

    Watch over my shoulder as I walk you through many examples of how we uncover Clients who are cashed up ready to buy!


Step-by-Step Expert Training

  • Irresistible Client Attraction Methods

    Get Clients attention AND appointments with these irresistible attraction methods. Stand out from ALL the other Local Marketers instantly looking like the ONLY guy/gal in town.

    These strategies are at the very heart of how our Agency has grown to over 4,570 Clients in such a short time. They are simple and they WORK!

  • Powerful Presentations

    Powerful presentations that land the majority of our business. Download copies to use and I walk you through all the important elements so you’re confident and extremely well prepared to close the deal.

  • Closing the Sale!

    Nothing happens until you close the sale and the money’s in the bank. Here I give you my best sales strategies and crucial tips to help you make selling easy and low stress. Get clients to sell themselves at each stage in the buying cycle that makes this so effective.

Members MasterClasses & Workshops

Join us on Members Only MasterClasses and Workshops and learn all the latest strategies and methods directly from our Agency on everything from Landing new clients to fulfilling on all our services and how we run our company.

These private training sessions plus the Q&A are incredibly valuable to help you get the answers you need to grow your business as fast as possible.

Save Yourself Precious Time and Money With These Essential Resources!

Documents, Agreements & Forms

Ready to go, Done-for-you essential Documents, Agreements and Templates help you save a ton of time and money. Get off to a flying start ready to take on new clients and business without having to stress about getting all the necessary Documents prepared.

Templates, Tools & Resources

Get access to proven Website Templates and Themes for different Local Marketing Niches, ready to go for you to deploy for Clients.

We use a lot of tools to help automate and systematize our Local Marketing Agency, I'll show you which ones will help produce the biggest results in your business.

Plus there are MANY other resources to help make growing your business easy and simple. Marketing resources such as Done-for-you Sales Videos and Sales templates,

MORE Clients, MORE Revenue, MORE Time Off.

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Learn what REALLY Works from a successful 7-Figure Local Marketing Agency with hundreds of Clients in many markets. Avoid all the Pitfalls and Traps of learning this business the SLOW, HARD and PAINFUL way!

Take advantage of all the hard work we've done building and refining our Agency so you DON'T have to do this with all the Pain of Trial and Error!

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What People are Saying About Local Marketing University

Jeff Miller Jeff Miller, ClickSmart

From 2 low end Clients to over 13 high end clients in 5 months thanks to LIMU!

I just wanted to say thanks for creating Local Internet Marketing University.  As you know, I’ve invested in several other offline marketing training programs but none of them have even come close to providing the quality of relevant content and strategies to be able to know how to succeed in doing online marketing for offline businesses.

-Jeff :-)

Eric Henderson Eric Henderson

Thank you very much for the training video you sent out. I have to say that as someone who has lived most of my life in marketing and advertising and as a local business owner and internet entrepreneur, you are a world class marketer and a genuine and RARE person online today.

What I like about your approach is that you speak of needing to have systems in place, and cohesiveness. This is SO missing in the internet marketing/entrepreneur training space.

Just ask the world famous Dan Kennedy about that. :) You will get a mouthful! ha ha.

You certainly come from a position of knowledge and experience which people need to understand is SO important. MOST people (as I am sure you know) have NEVER actually done what they teach. That is why they teach it. It is easier to scam people and make money off other people. It is really unfortunate.

Your LIMU is a fantastic resource that can benefit anyone no matter if they are a beginner, intermediate, or expert.

My best to you always Andy,

– Eric Henderson

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